Can You Belive It?

24 09 2008

After years of swirling rumors, it has been confirmed.  On People Magazine’s latest issue, Clay Aiken Poses with with baby boy and says, “Yes, I Am Gay”.  What more is there to say but, wow?  Honestly, I didn’t see that one coming.  But apperently, other people did.  This is a pretty small post because… well… his statement pretty much says it all.  Clay said that his son, Parker Foster, was his inspiration for telling the truth.  “I cannot raise a child to lie or to hide things”.  I am glad that he is honest, and spoke the truth because it is terrible to raise a child in a filthy, untruthful environment.

Front Cover of People Magazine's Issue

Front Cover of People Magazine


Breaking NEWS!!!

24 09 2008

We all know about the one and only….   PUSSYCAT DOLLS!  My favorite pop group of all- time.  In fact, my favorite artists! I simply love them.  The fabulous trendsetters that caught the nation by storm with their hit singles, “Don’t Cha, Beep, Buttons, and Stickwitu”.  These ladies are fabulous.  I still love them even though Carmit left because of her charity, which by the way I give kudos to her because not many celebs nowadays would do that.  BTW, for more info on her charity, go to:  Anyways, the anticipated news is that today… September 23rd, is the release date of their second album called “Doll Domination”.  You can hear every single off of the album on thier official myspace @ or go to to find out more information.  Let me just tell you that I have downloaded every single song on iTunes and it is beyond hot.  You have to get it now!  It is this year’s album to beat! They already got it going on by winning an award at the VMA’s for “Best Dancing In a Video” because of their latest hit single “When I Grow Up”.  AWSOME!  Okay, Doll Domination, in stores now! So get it! Bye Bye!!

Super Duper Sorry!

24 09 2008

OMG! I’m so sorry that I have not been on the site for such a long time.  My biggest apologies! My reason is private but all that I can say is that it was a family emergency.  It’ll never happen again! HEHE!  Well, I missed out on a lot to tell you, but from now on… I’ll be the first.  Well, tonight is the second day premeire of “Dancing With The Stars”.  Let me say, so far my favs are definatly Kim Kardashian, Rocco Dispirito, Lance Bass, and Toni Braxton! Those peeps were the bomb last night! Oh My Gosh! Their dances were nothing but on fire.  No offence to Lance Bass, but his number was super sexy… he so did not seem as if he was gay!  Kim Kardashian fox-trotted herself to the Pink Panther Theme Song.  Just a little review for you guys.  Toon in tonight @ 9/8 central at ABC to see their second dance.  This season already started making history by having the partners dance TWO pieces in one week, and having TWO pairs sent home.  Let me tell you up front, I had thirteen votes per phone and per account at, and I split the votes between Kim Kardashian, Toni Braxton, and Lance Bass with my EIGHT accounts at and my cell and my home phone. LOL! I already know that this is going to be my guilty pleasure tv show besides Project Runway and America’s Next Top Model.  Speaking of ANTM, the first transgender person is competing this season for the title. WOW, but I feel bad for her because, since there always are bitches, the pick on her.  But she has a huge advantage because last season, she was posing as an extra in the “Homeless” photoshoot.  Tyra Banks (Judge, Extecutive Producer, and Creator) pin-pointed out that Isis’ (the history making contestant) fierceness stood out, and she was an extra, in other  words, it was bad for the models that where told to pose and STAND OUT.  Okay guys I gotta go, Dancing with the Stars is begining right now! Catch it while you can! Okay, bye bye!

Plus Size Miss Universe Hopefull

1 05 2008

Chloe Marshall- a Miss Unviverse hopefull.  Yes there are many of them, but not this story.  Chloe Marshall (16 years old!) is the first Miss Universe contestant that is plus size.  Yes I said it, she is plus size and thats a fact.  She is a winner of the Miss England pageant.   The Miss Universe contest will be held in Vietnam this summer and the live performance will be aired on NBC.  She idolizes Beyonce, claiming that she and herself feel confortable and like their bodies.  Anyways, lets hope she wins but, if you think of it, I’m not trying to be mean but, well, the swim suit competition.  Lets pray for her and hope the best of the best for her.  I wish her good luck, because I doubt that the judges will be confident with her during the swim suit trial.  She will be competing in this years 2008 Miss Universe beauty pageant! Good Luck!!! 


Chloe Marshall

So It’s True!!!

23 04 2008

So its true!  Yes Yes Yes!  It is true!  Beyonce Knowles and rapper Jay-Z have officialy tied the knot!  They are the newest newlywed in Hollywood.  Beyonce and Jay-Z have signed their Marriage License, Access Hollywood has confirmed.  The license file was created on April 11, 2008.  The couple wed on April 4,2008.  Coincidentely, Jay-Z was born December 4, and Beyonce was born September 4.   Wow, the number 4 is their lucky number.  Both Jay-Z and Beyonce (and their rep.) have denied to comment.  Their wedding was very, VERY, extreamly private.  Michelle Williams, Kelly Rowland, Gwyneth Paltrow,  and Chris Martin were at Beyonce’s wedding.  Including her mother, Tina and father, Matthew and her sister, Solange.

Crongrats Catie!!!

14 04 2008

Congratulations Cate Blanchett!  The 38 year old actress had her third child yesterday in Sydney, Austalia (kinda obvious, I mean, she’s Austrailian!!!).  Anywho…  IT’S A BOY!  Her baby weighed 3.6kgs, or in other words, just under eight pounds, so I’m thinking, that’s one very cute and fat baby!   There’s no word on anything else new on her babe, but that both are happy and that Cate is doing well.  Now, if you don’t know who Cate Blanchett is, well, she’s that chick that will appear in that new movie, “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” that will be released next month.  Its the fourth installment of Harrison Ford’s Indiana Jones series.  You might have seen it, well the previews.  Sidebar!  Back to her baby, there is no news on the baby’s name.

Cate Blanchett Pregnant

R.I.P. Jason Rae

24 03 2008

I send my sincerest condolences to Corinne Bailey Rae and her family.  For her husband Jason Rae has died.  It is suspected that drug abuse was involved, of course.  All famous celebrities that have passed away are ALWAYS suspected of using drug abuse.  Like Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, Heath Ledger, & Anna Nicole Smith.  Probably only to make contoversy, man! Such low lives.  Anyways, it is so sad to know that most probably, Corinne Bailey Rae will know start new best friend with Britney.  Why? Well, for starters, she will most likely start taking drugs for depression don’t you think?  I hope she doesn’t though.  It would be so bad to see another celebrity gone mad, and seeing her every move on tv, like on ET, the Insider, or TMZ.  Be sure to pray for Ms. Bailey because she’ll need it.  I know what she is going through, I lost my uncle, and I understand her pain and suffering.  I will be praying for you, and lets keep in mind that your husband is know resting in peace.  They married in 2001.